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It is very important to follow cosmetic tattoo pre-care and aftercare instruction carefully to achieve a good result. Colour will be lost or patchy if you don't follow the instruction.

Lip Blush Pre-Appointment Instruction
  • Do NOT drink coffee or any caffeine on the day of the procedure. Caffeine causes excessive pain and bleeding. As a result, it causes a colour lost and patchy.

  • Do NOT drink alcohol 24 hours before the procedure. Drink lot of water, and have plenty of rest before the appointment. 

  • ​Do NOT consume Advil, Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E and/or Ibuprofen, fish oil supplements, omega-3 or any blood thinning mediation for a minimum of 72 hours prior to the procedure. 

  • If you're very sensitive to pain, you can take Extra Strenght Tylenol right before the appointment. It helps you to relax.

  • If your appointment is during a cold sore outbreak, your procedure cannot be performed.

  • If you have a history of cold sores, lip blush can trigger cold sores if you are a carrier of this virus in your body. Therefore as a precaution, it is recommended that you take anti viral mediation 3 days before the procedure and 5 days after. Failure to do so, you are taking a risk getting cold sores after your lip blush procedure resulting pain, colour lost or uneven colour patchiness.

  • Cold sores is herpes simplex virus and many are not aware that they are a carrier of the virus as the signs are not always visible until it is triggered. You can get any of this medication on prescription from your family doctor: ZOVIRAX/Acyclovir/Valtrex /Docosanol. Or you can get ABREVA over the counter at a pharmacy, it's less strong than the one on the prescription from your doctor.  

  • For a lip blush to last longer, on the date of your procedure prior to your appoitnment exfoliate your lips with a natural lip scrub if you have dry lips​ and keep your lips moisturized 

  • Avoid exercise on the day of the procedure

  • Avoid Exfoliators, creams containing Glycolic Acid, Retin-A, Renova, and Alpha Hydroxyls Acid (AHAs) within 2 weeks before the procedure​

Lip Blush Healing Ilustration.jpg
Lip Blush Aftercare 
  • Keep the area CLEAN. Use cotton pads soaked with water to clean your lips and gently wipe away excess fluid and pigment.

  • Stay away from dirty makeup on the freshly tattoo lips for couple days and don't touch your hands on an open skin that might cause infection.

  • Use clean Q-tips to apply after care ointment that I will give it to you after your procedure. Use the oitnment provided on a clean lips 3 times daily for 3 days. If you have allergic reaction to the antibiotic ointment, i.e. redness, rash and swelling, stop using it and see your doctor immediately.

  • Avoid eating spicy and salty food. Use straw to drink for the first a few days. Salt can remove the pigments and cause colour lost.

  • You might feel dry lips and itchy because your dermal layer of your skin is healing. Keep the lips MOISTURIZED for next 4 -14 days, you can use any of this: Bacitracin Zinc, Polysporin, Vitamin A & D, or Vaseline. 

  • The ointment provides pain relief, moisturizes, prevents infection, promotes healing and helps retain colour. 

  • Avoid soaps/facial cleansers on pigmented areas (wash around them) pat dry with a clean towel.

  • Before showering, use Aftercare first and apply Vaseline on top. Do not directly shower the treated area.

  • Before sleeping, use Aftercare as well as a thick layer of Vaseline or A&D Ointment on top to keep the area moisturized overnight.

  • DO NOT rub, scratch or pick any crust along the tattooed area. Early removal of pigment crusts may result in lost colour.

  • DO NOT apply makeup on the pigmented area during the healing process.

  •  Avoid swimming, soaking, steam bath and facials for the 1 st week.

  • Avoid applying Exfoliates or AHA/glycolic acid products to the tattooed area for at least 2 weeks.

  • Avoid sun exposure (including tanning beds) during healing process.

  • If you have a history of cold sores/fever blisters/herpes on or around your lips, you MUST obtain prescription ZOVIROX/VALTREX from your doctor. Start prescription 3 days before and 5 days after procedure (or follow the doctor’s instruction). Failure to take this anti-viral medication may result in an outbreak which will cause color lost and patchy



  • Use a good sunscreen daily with SPF 30 up to SPF 50 on tattooed area otherwise the colour will fade faster.

  • Our pigment is iron-oxide based which your body absorbs as mineral irons, so the color will fade over time. You may need a touch-up every 1- 3 years. The fading speed depends on your skin type.

  • If you are planning a chemical peel, MRI or other medical procedure, please tell them that you have had an iron-oxide cosmetic tattoo

  • If you are planning to have laser treatment for example like laser teeth whitening, tell your laser specialist to avoid the pigmented area. Laser may cause pigment to into different color or colour lost.

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