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How to Choose the Right Microblading Training Program to Build a Successful Career

Becoming a microblading artist can be a highly rewarding and lucrative career option, given that you undergo a dedicated training program and acquire the right skills. As of today, the permanent makeup industry is stacked with many training institutes that claim to be the best in the country. Unfortunately, their testimonials tell a completely different story.

It’s worth understanding that choosing a permanent makeup course is a critical decision - after all your career depends on it. Our expert makeup artists always advise aspiring candidates to do the due diligence before signing up for any microblading course.

In this brief guide, we’ll walk you through the best ways to compare different available options and cherry-pick the most rewarding microblading course to kickstart your training the right way.

1. Never Compromise With Experience

The first factor that’ll help you filter the available options is your trainer’s experience. You would want to learn under the guidance of a makeup artist who has enough experience. Now, by experience, we don’t only mean working as a professional makeup artist, but enough experience as a trainer as well. This will ensure that you acquire all the necessary skills to perform microblading and work in a professional environment.

2. Training Kits

The training program you’re planning to choose must provide some training kit or material to help you get started. This will help you become familiar with the equipment right from Day 1. Moreover, getting a dedicated training kit along with your training program will prove to be cost-effective as you won’t have to buy one separately.

3. Training Duration

The training duration is another helpful factor that’ll help you make the right decision while choosing a permanent makeup course.

Microblading is a technical procedure and requires extreme precision. Ideally, you would want to skip those 1-day training programs that claim to make people professional makeup artists within a day. Since there are too many topics to be covered, it’s not possible to complete a microblading course in a single day. Sign up for programs that offer a comprehensive curriculum as they’ll help you prepare for the journey ahead more effectively.


These 3 tips will make your decision-making less hectic. Before making a final decision, furthermore, make sure to have a detailed conversation with your trainer to go over the basics of the curriculum thoroughly.


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