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How to Start Your Career as a Permanent Makeup Artist

From people already working in the beauty industry to young aspirants trying to kickstart their careers, working as a permanent makeup artist is almost on everyone’s radar. Unlike using makeup products on a regular basis, permanent makeup offers better longevity and helps people look younger with flawless skin more effectively.

The sudden reliance on permanent makeup has made permanent makeup artists one of the most sought-after career opportunities. If you’ve been planning to undergo a permanent makeup course, this article will help. In today’s post, we’ll share a few quick tips to help you kickstart your career as a permanent makeup artist.

Start With a Basic Research

Starting a career as a permanent makeup artist is a challenging task. You can specialise in several areas and undergo different makeup courses to acquire the required skills.

So, before you go ahead and start searching for available course options, make sure to do your due diligence to choose the most suitable career path. For instance, if microblading is something you’re interested in, it would be better to join a microblading course that’s designed to help students polish their skills.

Enrol in a Training Program

After you have a basic idea of the direction in which you want to move forward, the next step would be to enrol in a training program. Whether you want to join a beauty studio or start your own business, it’ll be important to complete enough training hours.

A training program will provide you with hands-on experience and learn under the guidance of expert makeup artists. Make sure that the training program you choose aligns with your career objectives.

Pursue a Professional Certification

Finally, you can further take the next level in your career by pursuing a professional certification. Having a certification will improve your chances of securing a well-paying job.

And, even if you want to start your own salon, the certification will put your brand ahead of the curve and help you captivate customers more effectively.


We hope these points covered the basics of undergoing a permanent makeup course and starting a career as a cosmetic tattoo artist. Visit Bellagi Beauty and browse through a list of permanent makeup courses to learn under the guidance of experienced professionals.


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