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Eyebrow Tattoo

Average Eyebrows vs. Bellagi Eyebrows

The reason why Bellagi ombre eyebrows Vancouver became so popular because it look more natural than old school eyebrow tattoo. It give you a defined eyebrow shape and in combination with a soft makeup look.


I’ve always found that a solid eyebrow tattoo look is very unnatural. Unfortunately, majority brow tattoo places in city perform this technique because they have been taught that way for years from most permanent makeup school.


Take a look at the picture below to compare the differences between the average brow works and Bellagi Ombre Eyebrows Vancouver



Powder Ombre

Bombshell Brows is Vancouver eyebrow tattoo using newest brow technique that is very popular among celebrities. It's the look of makeup that fades from dark to light to deliver more natural looking result than old school brow tattoo. It lasts up to 3 times longer than a traditional microblading because pigments are deposited in deeper layer of the skin.

Choosing an  brow artist is like choosing a plastic surgeon for your nose job. I mean at the end of the day, the eyebrows are tattooed on your face right on your forehead where people will notice them first before you introduce yourself. Your eyebrows are going to stay there with you for years.

It’s important to have your first eyebrows work done right. 

For most, the shape is the most important point of eyebrows. I take time to draw the shape properly to enhance your natural feature. For symmetry, I use brow ruler and a special brow mapping technique for precision. Good eyebrow work opens up your eyes and create friendly inviting impression. 


Eyebrows Vancouver


Why Touch Up is Important?


This is a 2 step process. The First Session is used to build shape and gain symmetry. The Second Session is used to perfect the brows and we can add density. Some clients may need multiple sessions to achieve their desired result. Please keep in mind, it is your responsibility to book your touch up appointments on time for best results


How successful the procedure will be also depends:


  • On Skin Quality

  • Post Treatment Care

Post treatment care makes 70% of total procedure success. It’s important to follow the aftercare instruction carefully to prevent 80% of colour lost. Keep the area clean, apply

the aftercare ointment will help you speed up the healing process. 


  • Your Health Condition

For example, women with iron deficiency or nutritional imbalance cause the color to fade much faster because their body absorb  iron oxide pigment as a supplement

  • Exposure to various external influences like sun exposure and laser chemical peels affect the result


None of these factors are under the Artist’s control, thus providing any guarantee for the treatment is not possible


Is the eyebrow procedure painful?


Pain during the treatment varies on each individual. Everyone has a different pain tolerance. Scared clients usually feel stronger pain than a relaxed client. In addition, women during period are more sensitive to pain than usual. Also, don’t drink caffeine, or alcohol 24 hours before the procedure to avoid excessive pain and bleeding that cause the colour lost. You can take Tylenol 10 minutes before your appointment to make you feel more relaxed

How long does it take to heal?


It varies on each individual. Generally, it takes one month to be fully healed. You need to be patient during your 4 weeks healing process. Your eyebrows will change and appear different from day to day. This is NORMAL.


How long does my eyebrows lasts?


The eyebrows tattoo is semi-permanent. They last up to 3 years after touch up. It’s like your nails grow longer, or hair grow longer, so your skin is regenerating. You need to come back for a touch up when you see it’s faded. I recommend annual touch up to keep your eyebrows vibrant


I had a botox, how long should I wait to get the eyebrow tattoo?


Botox in the brow area change the placement of your brows. Please wait 8 weeks for the effects to wear off

Am I Suitable Candidate for Ombre Eyebrows Vancouver?

You’re a healthy person over 18


You may not be a good candidate if you’re have any of the following condition:

  • Under age 18, pregnant or nursing, history of Keloid Scars, hemophilia, epilepsy, AIDS (HIV), hepatitis/jaundice, taking Accutane in the past year (you must be off of Accutane for one year), any viral infections or diseases, glaucoma, Iron Deficiency Anemia, skin cancer or any kind of skin disorders near the treatment area (i.e. shingles, psoriasis, rashes, eczema or anything else near the brow area), allergies to alcohol, numbing agents, or makeup pigments, heart problems, uncontrolled high blood pressure, any treatment, medication, or Illness that compromises the immune system and healing would make you NOT a good candidate for micro-pigmentation procedures

  • If you’re diabetic, or having bleeding disorders, or taking blood thinners, please consult with your doctor with regard to get a cosmetic tattoo.

  • Have previous tattooed eyebrows that is too dark or large. Please send us an a clear unedited photo with no makeup of your bare brows on natural light for evaluation prior to booking

Before the treatment always consult with your artist if you:


  • Have problematic skin

  • Have serious health issues

  • Take certain medications

  • Already have an old permanent makeup on your eyebrows

If you are unsure of which style is best suitable for you, book any style for the time being, as it will be discussed during the consultation on the day of your appointment.


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