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It is very important to follow cosmetic tattoo pre-appointment and aftercare instruction carefully to achieve a good result and to avoid excessive pain and colour lost if you don't follow the instruction.



  • Do NOT drink coffee or any caffeine on the day of the procedure. Caffeine causes excessive pain and bleeding. As a result, it causes a colour lost and patchy.

  • Do NOT drink alcohol 24 hours before the procedure. Drink lot of water, and have plenty of rest before the appointment. 

  • ​Do NOT consume Advil, Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E and/or Ibuprofen, fish oil supplements, omega-3 or any blood thinning mediation for a minimum of 72 hours prior to the procedure. 

  • Avoid chemical peel, exfoliators, creams containing Glycolic Acid, Retin-A, Renova, and Alpha Hydroxyls Acid (AHAs) on the brow area within 2 weeks before the procedure​

  • Avoid Botox within 4 weeks of your appointment

  • Any waxing or brow shaping should be done at least 2 days before.

  • If you tint your brows, tint them at least one week prior to the procedure.

  • You may experience hypersensitivity and more pain around or during your menstrual cycle.

  • We will not be able to tattoo over any blemishes, sores, and moles in or around the brow area.

Post Appointment
Aftercare 14 days  

After care is crucial, it is very important to follow these instructions for the full 14 day healing period to ensure proper healing and color retention. Results may vary.


Cosmetic tattoos take between 4-6 weeks to fully heal. At this time you may receive your touch-up if any color has faded, or if you would simply like to add more definition to your brows.


 After the topical anesthetic wears off you may feel some tenderness on and around the tattooed area. You may also experience slight swelling and redness the day of your procedure; this is normal and typically fades within 24-48 hours. At this point you may take Tylenol if you feel any pain, but avoid Aspirin or Ibuprofen as it can cause blood thinning.

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  • Let your brow tattoos DRY HEAL FOR 24-48 HOURS after the procedure avoiding excessive moisture

  • Take Q-tip with water and wipe brows a couple times for the first 2 days

  • Apply a paper thin layer of ointment on brows starting from 3rd day for 7 days. If you have oily skin, don't use the ointment.

  • Absolutely no water contact on brows till healed (besides Q-tip)

  • Avoid direct sun contact till brows are fully healed. When healed use SPF

  • No swimming, sauna, or working out till brows are fully healed

  • You may experience itchiness in the brows after the 10 days for up to 2 months due to the healing process of the dermal layer

  • Avoid picking or scratching of scabs, this will result scaring and colour loss

Touch Ups
  • This is a 2 step process. The First Session is used to build shape and gain symmetry. The Second Session is used to perfect the brows and we can add density. This is a process and some clients may need multiple sessions to achieve their desired result.

  • Please keep in mind, it is your responsibility to book your touch up appointments on time for best results. 

  • Be patient during your 4 weeks healing process your brows will change and appear different from day to day, THIS IS NORMAL.

  • Your brow tattoo will take up to 6-8 weeks to fully heal.

  • Every individual heals differently, depending on skin type, aftercare, and lifestyle

  • Colour of the brow may appear light at first, but will darken over the next couple of weeks

  • Brows rarely heal perfect after one session

  • Touch up must be completed within 6 weeks to 3 months of initial appointment to be considered a touch up

  • A touch up is usually recommended to achieve the final look and to ensure it lasts for a longer period of time

  • Any patchiness can be fixed during the touch up session

  • Some client’s skin may have a harder time retaining pigment and may require additional sessions

Things Not to Do After the Procedure
  • DO NOT go on any sunny vacations and avoid high sun exposure during the healing process, UV Rays can alter the pigment of your tattoo.

  • DO NOT use cleansers, soaps or any other creams on your brow tattoo. Wash around the area using a cleaning cloth or makeup wipe.

  • DO NOT exercise and sweat for 10 days. Sweat contains salt and can infect and prematurely fade your brow tattoo. Salt in the sweat may also alter the color of your tattoo.

  • DO NOT run direct water on your brow tattoo. This is especially important in the first few days, you do not want to wash out any pigment.

  • DO NOT use Vaseline, neosproin or any petroleum based products on your tattoo.

  • DO NOT use any makeup, creams, exfoliants on the brows for 2 weeks.

  • DO NOT go into sauna’s, pools, and steam rooms.

  • DO NOT get massages or facials or skin treatments during the healing process.

  • DO NOT go tanning and if you do cover your brow tattoo, UV rays can alter the color of your tattoo.

  • DO not use exfoliants,retinol acids, or AHA’s on the area for 30 days after the appointment, it will fade your tattoo prematurely.

  • DO NOT use laser light therapy on your brow tattoo. This can darken, lighten, and distort the pigment.

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