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Wake Up Beautiful with Permanent Makeup

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Supermodel Brows

We do all brows styles including Microblading, powder ombre, Nano brows, and combination brows.

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Barbie Lip Blush

Lip blush tattoo help you achieve fuller lips without wearing lipstick.

Barbie Lip blush help you achieve fuller lips without wearing lipstick.


Foxy Eyeliner Tattoo

Well applied eyeliner tattoo creates a natural enhancement that will make your eyes pop and save time in the morning.

Learn Permanent Makeup 

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Eyebrows In-Person Training

Learn Microblading in Vancouver. This is one of the most popular procedure, and as an artist, it can open up whole new opportunities for you.


Lip Blush In-Person Training

Learn lip blush in Vancouver. Our small class size is to ensure our instructor is able to assist you with the individual needs.


Lip Blush Training Online

Learn from the comfort of your own home & pace. I'm revealing all our trade secrets how to create beautiful lip blush work for your clients.


 Vancouver Permanent Makeup

1.Your cosmetic tattoo is applied by a world-renowned artist Christina Nguyen. She got the Bachelor of Art from the State University of New York.


2. Christina is 10X certified in Canada, the U.S, Europe, and Internationally for permanent makeup. She uses latest techniques from L.A and London to get you the most gorgeous face possible.


3. We're official and certified permanent makeup institution by the Government of Canada. 

4. We’re using safe only FDA- government approved products. Made in U.S or in Canada. 

5. We use the latest and advanced technology to maximize the effectiveness of your permanent makeup in Vancouver. 

6. To ensure your health and safety, we never ever re-use needles. All our needle cartridges are single use and disposable. Each client who comes in for a session is served with brand new needles right from the packaging.

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Welcome  to Bellagi Beauty 

Being pressured to look perfect all the time can truly be stressful. Especially when you’re really busy in the morning getting ready to work and still need to look fabulous.


Bellagi Beauty offer women the latest time-saving solution to make your everyday lives easier. Here are main benefits of Vancouver eyebrows and lip blush tattoo

Save You Time
Save Money on cosmetics
Give You Confidence

Bellagi Beauty Vancouver eyebrows usually lasts up to 3 years depending on your skin type.

How much time do you spend on applying makeup in the morning and removing makeup at night? You could spend that time to have more sleeps, pursuing your hobby, playing with your pets, or spending more time with your family.  

No Smudging

How convenient it is looking pretty and focusing your energy doing what you love to do instead of doing your boring makeup fuss? It is like having your makeup done by a professional makeup artist every morning?

It’s convenient

Have you calculated how much did you spend on makeup shopping for last 5 years? $3000, $5000 or much more? Bellagi Vancouver eyebrows and lip blush help you save money on our makeup bill

Imagine you’re wearing a red lipstick and going out on a romantic date, and then he is kissing you. How would you look if your favourite red lipstick smudge over your face and his face? With Bellagi Vancouver lip blush tattoo, you never have to worry about smudging anymore


How many times you’re rushing into a business meeting, seeing a friend, or going for a date and you’re sicken tired of applying your boring makeup chores everyday? But you don’t want to look bad like you just woke up. With Bellagi Vancouver brows and lip blushing will help to enhance your natural beauty and feel confidence without doing your makeup chore.  

Ease with Allergy

If you have a sensitive skin or watery eyes that smudge your eyeliner and you’re frustrated searching for beauty product that doesn’t cause eye irritation. 

You deserve to look your best. Bellagi Vancouver lip blush tattoo will help you look gorgeous without the fuss.

Where Are We Located?

Bellagi Beauty, 550 W Broadway, Suite 527, Vancouver, BC


We do by appointment only!

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