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Nano Brows


What are the Differences Between Nano Brows and Microblading?

Both nano brows and microblading are forms of cosmetic eyebrow tattooing to enhance brows and give them volume by drawing on brow hair-like strokes.


What is Microblading

Microblading is performed by hand. A handheld device with a thin blade of 16-21 needles formed into a mini knife that is dragged across the skin to create a small, paper-cut-like split in the skin to deposit pigments. The treatment is relatively invasive and can cause permanent scarring. 

Microblading is not suitable for oily skin because the skin oil can cause hair strokes to fade and blur faster than on drier skin types. The excess oil can cause the pigment to break down, leading to a loss of hair stroke definition. Microblading lasts six months to 2 years, depending on the client’s skin type and how deep the pigment was deposited.

What is Nano Brows?

Nano brows are a cosmetic tattoo that mimics the look of natural eyebrows. A PMU machine is used to create nano strokes. The ultra-fine needles are used to apply the pigment to the skin without cutting into it. This technique is significantly gentler on the skin than Microblading, providing you with a better healing result.

Who is Suitable for Nano Brows?


  • Clients who want natural-looking hair stroke eyebrows.

  • Clients who want a less permanent result (powder ombre brows will last longer in the skin than nano brows)

  • Clients with ‘normal’ or combination skin that is not too oily and has No chronic conditions such as acne, rosacea, or psoriasis.

How long do Nano brows last?

The result varies between individuals. Factors influencing length include skin type, facial products, daily activities, etc... 


  • Normal skin: 6 months - 3 years

  • The best skin type for Nano brows is dry and smooth, with small pores and freckles. 

How many sessions are required?

Typically, two sessions, sometimes a 3rd session may be required to achieve a good result.​ The client has to wait between 4-8 weeks between each session. Clients who are 55 and older should wait at least six weeks because skin takes longer to heal.

Does It Hurt? 

The Nano discomfort level is low to medium. The worst part is when pigment is applied – it stings because the pigment has a high alcohol content, but the pain goes away as soon as it is wiped off.

If you are unsure of which style is best suitable for you, book any style for the time being, as it will be discussed during the consultation on the day of your appointment.
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