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Hello, my name is Christina Nguyen. I'm a founder of Bellagi Beauty. We’re official Certified Education institution by Government of Canada. We specialize in permanent makeup and training the finest artists in the industry. I graduated from State University of New York and got a bachelor degree in Art. 


I always have a huge passion for beauty and entrepreneurship since growing up. I believe beauty and makeup is your best friend that help you to look fabulous and boost your self confidence.

I have been traveling a lot around the world from LA to London to learn all newest beauty trends. I was doing permanent makeup on Miss Hong Kong, Instagram models, and beauty pageant contestants. I use advanced and latest permanent makeup techniques that bring out the best of your facial features and give you the most natural looking result as possible.

At our studio, we offer full permanent makeup services and provide training program for beginners and advanced artists. Our services include brows, permanent eyeliner and lip blush tattoo in Vancouver. 

I love creating a beautiful face. It makes me happy I can see you the best version of yourself. My mission is to empower women to be financially independent and building your wealth. In our training program, I'm going to share with you all my secrets how to start up your beauty business and become successful.


I can’t wait to meet you





Vera, a model

I had my lip blush done with Christina from Bellagi Beauty and I love it. They look super natural. Most of my friends can’t tell that I did anything  to my lips. They just say “you have very sexy lips”. I’m flattered and very pleased with the result. Thank you, Christina


Andrea, a blogger

I wish I had my lip blush tattooed a long time ago. It saves me so much time. Now I don’t have to wear lipstick anymore. My boyfriend loves it. I got lot of compliments from friends how beautiful are my lips. It’s kiss proof, food proof, water proof…I love it. Christina is amazing, the best girl to go if you want a lip blushing in Vancouver.

IMG_3523 2.jpg

Hyun-Ae, a student

I have small and thin lips. I was always insecure about it. I booked the appointment and wanted my lips to look fuller and have more definition. I like an ombre lip blush tattoo with more visible lip outline. I met Christina. She is very professional. She listen to what I want and she excels my expectation. I highly recommend Bellagi Beauty for lip blushing in Vancouver.


Mei, a ballerina

Christina is very delicate to her craft. She pays attention to little details. She spent lot of time designing my lip shape before she starts the tattooing process. Bellagi Beauty is the best in town for lip blushing in Vancouver. 


Sajani, a dentist

I have a darker lips. I always wanted to have  a cute pink lips. I phoned few other places in town that I’m looking for a lip blush tattoo to brighten my lips and wanted to look younger. They said they can’t help me if I have a dark lip because whatever the colour they tattoo on, it won’t show up and it will just make the lips look darker.  

When I came to see Christina. She said she can correct my dark lips. Our first appointment, she tattoo my lips to cancel the darkness. After 6 weeks, it healed into a nude pinkish colour. Then 2 months later, I have to come back for second session, to add more colour that I chose. They look really pretty now. I love it 



Ester, a stylist

I’m glad that I found Bellagi Beauty. They specialize in lip blushing in Vancouver. 

Christina did my lash liner and lip blush tattoo for me, my sister, my mom, and pretty much our entire family. We're very happy with the result. We highly recommend her to anyone who wants a cute sexy lips

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