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Average vs Bellagi Powder Ombre Brows

Which Brow Style Are Suitable For You? 

Bellagi Nano Brows.JPG

Nano Brows

It is Bellagi's signature ultimate eyebrow treatment that offers the best of both world. It’s the combination of Nano hair strokes and powder ombre to achieve a beautifully natural yet defined brow working in perfect harmony.

IMG_1305 3.JPG


Microblading has become the hottest brow trend over the decades because they mimic the look of real hair. It’s a manual method implanting pigment on superficial layer skin to create a hair like strokes.

eZy Watermark_08-06-2021_11-58-17AM.JPG

Eyebrow Tattoo 

It's an elegant Ombre Powder brow style that is very low in maintenance. It is the look of makeup that fades from dark to light to deliver more natural looking result than old school eyebrows tattoo.

If you are unsure of which style is best suitable for you, book any style for the time being, as it will be discussed during the consultation on the day of your appointment.
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