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Nano Brows vs Microblading

It is Newest brow style that offers the best of both world. It is combination of hair strokes + powder ombre to mimic a real brow hair while minimizing trauma using Nano technology. As a result, it delivers an elegant natural looking eyebrows while staying low in maintenance. 

Benefits: Natural and longer lasting result than a traditional microblading. Nano brows is suitable for all skin types including oily skin

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Angel Microblading
Natural Hair strokes

Microblading mimic the look of real hair. It’s a manual method implanting pigment on superficial layer skin to create a hair like strokes. It gives you an illusion of fuller and thicker brow hair appearance.  It delivers very natural looking result that is very hard to tell from your real hair or made up hair.  


Powder ombre brows is a newest brow style that is very popular in among celebrities. It's the look of makeup that fades from dark to light to deliver more natural looking result than old school brow tattoo.

This look is created by using permanent makeup tattoo machine, the color are deposited in a deeper layer of skin to maximize color retention. The main benefits of this 're low in maintainance.

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Barbie Lip Blush

Vancouver Lip blush tattoo is the semi permanent makeup procedure that enhances your natural lip shape and boost your lip colour. This treatment delivers very natural results once healed.

It lasts up 2-5 years after touch up. It is convenient by cutting down your time spending on your make up routine each morning, so don't have to re-applying lipstick many times a day while giving you gorgeous pink lips.

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 Permanent Makeup Vancouver


1.Your cosmetic tattoo is applied by a world-renowned permanent makeup artist Christina Nguyen. She got the Bachelor of Art from State University of New York


2. Christina is 10X certified Internationally for PMU. She uses latest techniques from L.A and Miami to get you the most gorgeous face possible


3. She is certified in Canada, the U.S, and internationally

4. We’re using safe only FDA- government approved products. Made in U.S or in Canada. 

5. We use the latest and advanced technology to maximize the effectiveness of your Vancouver permanent makeup. 

6. To ensure your health and safety, we never ever re-use needles. All our needle cartridges are single use and disposable. Each client who comes in for a session is served with brand new needles right from the packaging.

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